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The widest selection of reliable, affordable teleprompters for the beginners to pros.
Designed, Assembled and Supported in USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass for no Loss of Signal Quality. Just like you wouldn't put a low quality filter in front of your lens you shouldn't put a low quality Teleprompter Beamsplitter Glass in front of it either.

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  • Proline | ReimaginedThe professional's choice for lightning fast setup and ultimate adjustability with finger tip control.

  • Prompter Pal ProThe Most Affordable iPad Pro or Surface Pro Professional Teleprompter with Professional 3G-SDI and HDMI Auto-Reversing Monitors that include Free Professional Software TeleScroll

  • StudioUltra-wide trapezoidal glass offering a wide viewing angle for multiple presenters. The perfect studio prompter.

  • Modular DesignsThe Removable Back Sled with affordable Plus Kits gives you 3 Teleprompters in 1. Go Freestanding or attach a 15MM Plus Block to use your Caged Camera Rig. ProLine Plus and Prompter Pal Pro feature a Modular Build

  • Stage Pro | PresidentialMake your talent look presidential with our line of professional quality speech prompters. Fingertip control of glass for quick adjustments.

  • RoboPrompter | PTZThe first and best prompter designed for robotic cameras. Wide screen glass is easy to read even with slide presentations.

  • Under CameraDesigned specifically for cameras with green screen light rings. Inexpensive alternative to thru glass prompters.

  • Over CameraLightest weight, lowest cost and easiest prompter to setup. Battery operated LCD can also be used as a viewing monitor.

Our Unique “Can’t Make a Bad Decision” Guarantee.

With the widest selection of functions and features, you’re sure to find what you need here. We’re here
for you after the sale as well, including support, product warranties and an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee.

Our Teleprompters are Simply Efficient and Automatically Reverse Text

Our monitors eliminate set-up hassle by automatically reversing text for you, our products
ship fully-assembled and are compatible with any tripod, and we offer a full range of accessories
and software. In short, we make choosing and using teleprompters simple and easy, guaranteed.

Teleprompters For Educational Needs

• Built for Educational Professionals | Priced for Educational Budgets

Engineered for professionals and priced for every budget, Prompter People's teleprompters are designed for both easy assembly and reliable use. Built to last with durable construction. Prime made low-iron Optical Clarity American Made Beamsplitter glass ensures the best image.
All of Prompter People ProLine Plus | Flex Plus | Prompter Pal Pro models are modular and the ProLine Plus and Flex Plus can be upgraded in both size and features as needed. Add on talent monitors, travel kits, upgrade glass and monitor size, convert from Sled to Freestanding or 15mm Rail mount in under a minute with affordable kits. Start with a smartphone or Tablet model and upgrade into a Monitor model without having to buy a new Teleprompter. Prompter People has every need and budget covered.

Teleprompters For Broadcast Professionals

• From Studios to Live Events | Priced for Every Budget

Engineered for professionals. Designed, assembled, and supported in the US, Prompter People specializes in working with small and large studios. Offering live video, phone, and email support for your events. Providing Professional features and applications at affordable pricing to work with every budget from small to large.
Prompter People offers every type of custom teleprompter designed to work with the most modern cameras and film tools. Prompter People offers PTZ Teleprompters for every size PTZ Camera. Prompter People also offers conference Stage and Speech or Presidential models from standard metal poles, light-weight carbon fiber poles that break down in seconds and fit into one of Prompter People's single or dual kit cases. Prompter People also offers automated rising pole systems for remote operations off stage in-between speakers of diferent heights.

Whatever You Need, We are Here for You

Whether you use a Mac or PC, we have an "in-house" developed prompter software that is already set up for you.
After the sale, you’ll get great phone and internet-based ticket, and live chat support. And if there’s a problem, we’ll make it right.

Monitor Selections

We Make Things Easier on Both Sides of the Camera

Use the guide above to help get an idea of what size monitor you will need. Then, make the right choice knowing
that more than we’ve helped more than 30,000> customers solve their teleprompter challenges.

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Since 2003, Prompter People has been supplying the teleprompting needs of studios, companies, non-profits, churches and more.

Why do so many people choose Prompter People when they need a teleprompter?

  • Our teleprompters are designed by people with decades of production experience.
  • Designed to be simple to set up and intuitive to use.
  • We provide internet and phone support for all customers without any additional charge.
  • Prompter People has a reputation for high post-purchase customer satisfaction.
  • We provide both Mac and PC software with each prompter we sell.
  • Our monitors are auto-reversing.
  • Join 45,000 others and select your teleprompter today.!

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